Project's Activities

Preparatory activities

The preparatory activities include:

1. before each transnational meeting, some preparatory actions will be lead, including researches, collection of experiences and creation of materials about the event’s theme. This task will be complied by work groups of every participating countries, that will include citizens (included persons not involved before in activities of active citizenship), experts, stakeholders (including migrants);
2. at the beginning of the project it will be done a creative call to identify the project’s logo;
3. the realization of the European contest “Dialogues across Europe”, with the purpose of collecting experiences about intercultural dialogue in Europe;
4. other activities concern the creation of communication’s materials, video and researches, which will be integrated in the web documentary;
5. between one event and the following one each partner will set up local dissemination’s activities about the project’s themes with the “Stories going round” activity.

Transnational events

The transnational events are conducted according to a format including three elements:

1. discussion Panel, that will be facilitated with an original approach, “Open Narrating Space”, given by the union of Open Space Technology, for a effective discussion in big groups, and Autobiographical Methods, to bring out the direct experiences of participants about the themes;
2. Visiting important local situations and meeting with representatives;
3. Events in public space as dissemination actions (conferences, flash mob, artistic events, etc.).