Cricket Regional Championship - Campionato Regionale Cricket Campania

Cricket Regional Championship - Campionato Regionale Cricket Campania
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The project is targeted to two kinds of beneficiaries:

Direct beneficiaries, i.e. refuges and asylum seekers who participate to the cricket competition: they are part of  welcome projects, managed by AICS,  or came from families already integrated in Campania region. They are male, with an age of 18-40 years old and came from Pakistan, Skri Lanka and Nigeria, i.e. the countries where cricket is particularly widespread.

Indirect beneficiaries: friends, family of the athletes as well as the local community who follow the matches as supporters or participate in social events.

  • Vision (what is your “dream”, your main and general purpose?):

The key aspects leading the project are the development of integration, social inclusion as well as the respect of diversity. The idea characterizing the project was the opportunity to foster these aspects trough the practice of a specific sport, i.e. the cricket, that is part of the values system of the beneficiaries of the championship. Moreover, Naples has a long tradition with this sport, as the Sri Lankans migrants are used to play this sport every Sunday, becoming an evocative moment in the collective imagination of immigration in Naples. In this way, the project has allowed to preserve and support the identity of the migrants contextualizing it in the Neapolitan culture.

  • Educational objectives:

The realization of the project has allowed to develop forms of social inclusion, the development of a community of Italians and foreigners, keeping alive the distinctive characteristics of different types of culture and supporting, in this way, the sense of uniqueness and diversity. Moreover, the intercultural exchange fostered by the project has represented an important element of social cohesion as it allows to overcome the socio-cultural differences of the participants and, at the same time, to build a common system of shared practices, beliefs and values.

  • The background of practice:

The idea underling the realization of the cricket regional championship came from 2 welcome projects, managed by AICS, aimed at supporting the social inclusion of immigrant, refugees and asylum seekers. More specifically, among the different activities planned to provide specific support, the migrants, refugees and asylum seekers themselves expressed the desire to practice cricket, as important and traditional sport of their origin country e to promote, in this way, the practice of this activity in the destination country. In other words, the project has been an attempt to realize an idea, proposed by the refugees and asylum seekers living in Campania region.

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The aim of this project is to enhance diversity and social inclusion of migrants through the practice of cricket sport in Campania Region, realized with the organization of a regional championship. In particular, the Associazione Italiana Cultura Sport (AICS) of Campania has realized a Cricket Regional Championship in Naples with the participation of 8 teams made up by refuges and asylum seekers in order to integrate their values and identity and to promote their deep tradition with the cricket in the Italian community. According to this perspective, cricket has allowed to keep alive the characters of the culture of origin of migrants integrating them with the culture of country of destination. 

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The practice of cricket has allowed the beneficiaries to exchange their values with those of the hosting country, fostering in this way their integration. This process helped the participants to mitigate the traumas associated with emigration and, for the younger ones, it allow them to preserve and, at the same time, spread a part of their culture. The beneficiaries reported to feel be more at home and to have opportunities to easily develop social relations with both Italians and other foreign people.   


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