From the Diary of a Duty “Officer”

From the Diary of a Duty “Officer”
Story's fragment: 

“A prostitute – fourteen years old at first sight – is holding to her nose a plastic bag full of glue. She is staggering on the kerbs of the pavement and trying to wave to the cars that rarely show up on the road. The umpteenth stops, a well-dressed man in his fifties is at the wheel opening courteously the back door where the skinny adolescent in her torn mini-skirt plunges almost. She shows up again after some quarter of an hour, getting out of the car, with the plastic bag still in her hand and arranging her clothes. The well-dressed man leaves at full throttle with a content face.”

Pdf story: 

These are stories taken from the everyday running of a homeless shelter in Budapest. The writer works at this shelter, his impressions and experiences collected here form the basis of the writing. The characters of the story are real-life, existing characters only their names were changed to guarantee anonymity. The text is a part of a greater work which is now under composition. 

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Unique author
Type of narrative: 
Autobiographical or biographical text
Why is this story important to you: 

The author works at a homeless night-shelter in Budapest, his experiences inspired this writing. The objective of it is to offer the reader insight into a world about which he/she probably knows a little or which is perceived and thought of by him/her in stereotypes.

Why did you decide to participate in this award? What are your expectations?: 

One of my colleagues drew my attention to this contest.

Indicate if the job has already been published partly or fully: 
Yes, in part