Hate crime survivor speaks out - Rainbow Festival 2010

Hate crime survivor speaks out - Rainbow Festival 2010
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Doros Polycarpou doros.p@kisa.org.cy Director of the organization
KISA. Cyprus
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Sertunc Akdogu, a Turkish Cypriot musician who was stabbed by members of far-right groups during the Rainbow festival 2010 speaks out about what the incident and particularly for the failure of the police to protect the victims of the attack. Rainbow Festival was organized by KISA in 2010 at the same time and place as a right-wing demonstration against “irregular immigration”. 13 participants of the festival were hospitalized after an unprovoked attack by the Neo-Nazi demonstrators. None of the racists were arrested at that day while court acquitted three persons who were accused for incitement and participation in racist hatred and racial violence. The video was produced in the framework of the European project “TOGETHER”. “TOGETHER” is a project aiming to improve LEAs and civil society abilities in making hate crimes visible among European society.

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This video was produced in the frame of the Eupean Project TOGETHER! against hate crimes, coordinated by SOS Racismo Gipuzkoa. It is published in the project website www.togetherproject.eu and Youtube channel