I Migrati

I Migrati

Travelling, to feel at home: what are the colors of the world? A simple question and hundreds of kilometers to find an answer with a film camera, a notebook and a camera. It's the trip of the guys from an italian association that works with disabled people named “Comunità XXIV Luglio”, on the roads of central Italy to make a documentary that tells the phenomenon of the reception of migrants in small villages. The documentary is born after a workshop about multimedia journalism with the disabled people of the association. The most important topic of the documentary is the point of view that tells the story: through this experience it's possible to know two types of marginality: one is that of disabled people, each of them with their stories and their difficulties in the daily life, and the second is that of migrants who risk their life to reach a better place to stay. Two marginal worlds that rarely come into contact with each other. The choice of telling small villages has been taken to understand the different realities that are changing the social geography of Italy. 

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Unique author
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Video narration (Video interview, documentary, digital storytelling)
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This experience is told by a sort of meta-documentary. The director has an external point of view like a silent and respectful observer who let the protagonists create an instinctive and gradual narrative discovering the great actual phenomenon of the migration that is changing mental and physical borders. 


Why did you decide to participate in this award? What are your expectations?: 

We decide to partecipate to tell a particoular history with a new point of view about migration. We think that integration is a universal value and as association for handicapped person we must to integrate as much as possible and to come out of marginality to mix into society.  The work about the documentary started in january 2016 with multimedia journalism lessons for the disabled people of the association “Comunità XXIV Luglio”: lessons of reportage, photography, shooting techniques and meetings with professional reporters. 

Also we think that it's necessary to tell another face of migration and to tell it with a dry, slow and honest language. 

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Yes, integrally
Previous publication: 

- 25 Slavonian Biennale - Osijek (Croatia) 

- Tg2 Dossier - Rai 2

- Tv 2000 

Director: Francesco Paolucci Producer: Comunità XXIV Luglio Handicappati e non Onlus L'Aquila Written by Francesco Paolucci e Anna Romano Editing: Stefano Ianni Leading actors: Benito Marinucci, Gianluca Corsi, Giovanni Diletti, Barbara Fontanazza Editorial staff: Letizia Ciuffini, Davide Sabatini Director of photography: Francesco Colantoni Director's assistent: Davide Sabatini Composer: Tommaso Ciotti