Imbarazzismi - EMBARACISM - Daily stories in black and white

Imbarazzismi - EMBARACISM - Daily stories in black and white
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The author uses the stories to confront racism delivering workshops with youngsters and children in schools and other contexts throughout Italy. The book is also used by many afro-italian activists in their antiracist campaigns, social and education work. The strenghts are: humorism is a very powerful tool to tackle racism, the ability to present very important issues through very simple, immediate true stories

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“Imbarazzismi” is first of all a book published in 2002 by italian-togolese author Kossi Komla-Ebri. The 63 yo phyisician invented the word to talk about everyday episodes of unaware racism generating hilariuos misunderstanding or perception gaps. The book contains very short autobiographical schetches featuring himself and his mixed race family and the small italian town they live in.

Kossi Komla Ebri is born in 1954 in Togo, he arrives in Italy in 1974 and finishes his studies in Medicine in Milan. He now lives and practices in Erba, being husband and father of two

He published different literary works, sanitary education works and is an antiracist wellknown activist cooperating with many organizations in the field and received sevel awards for his activities

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A very goiod practice which can become a didactic tool to work on intercultural dialogue.

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