Intercultural Dialogue In Europe

Intercultural Dialogue In Europe
Story's fragment: 

The only challenge I have in this country is language. It has really been very difficult for me to speak
good Hungarian language after 5 years of my stay here. Communication is very important in a society
and if I don’t speak the language, I can’t interact well with people in the society or people around me.
Language has deprived me a lot in this country and it has cause me pain and shame. I can’t find a good
job here without the good knowledge of Hungarian language. It really hurts!

Honestly, I appreciate all that I have gotten from these Non Government Organizations in Hungary. I
will always be grateful. I have not really giving anything in return except my two times volunteer job I
did with Arthemisszió. Sometimes I do help to give extra class to new ECDL students at Mighelp Skill
Development Center especially during their examination. Again, there was a time we did cultural food
exhibition in Arthemisszió. I cooked Nigerian traditional rice and stew. Everybody enjoyed it. People
from Indian, Iran, Brazil, Africa, China, Hungary, Ukrina etc. It was really fun.


Pdf story: 

My experience as a migrant in Hungary. I came to Hungary 2011 to study social work in John Wesley Theological College Budapest. Actually
my first point of arrival from Ferenc Liszt International Airport Budapest is John Wesley Theological
College. The first people I met that day in the school were friendly. The people are; the hostel director,
the school secretary and staff in the administration office. I did normal registration in the administration
office after which I was taken to my room in the hostel. It was a good experience. John Wesley
Theological College is like a family I never have here in Hungary, in the sense that friendly people are
more than unfriendly people when it comes to racial discrimination.

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Autobiographical or biographical text
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It is my life.

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I have also taken part in series of conference like
‘’How to overcome stereotypes about migrants’’ etc. It was a good topic for me as a migrant. It was
interesting and encouraging. I met people from Germany, Italy and few other countries.

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