Man without a home

Man without a home
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Omar is a Palestinian who was born in a refugee camp in Syria (Yarmouk). He is a recognized refugee now in Germany and residence permit for the next two years. He grew up and lived all his life there, he never met or saw Home. Omar said that he lived hard times there, Wars or even burying his friends. He has only an identity card issue by Syria and nothing more. He can travel inside Syria, but not much outside it without. Permission. He worked so hard in his life and succeeded, and eventually had a house back in Syria. He couldn’t call it home, because anything can suddenly change and his life can be upside down in a blink of an eye from a sudden political decision. 

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“Getting the chance to be and to exist” he answered to the question when do you feel at home. He says he had never arrived home or felt safe. He wants to be recognized. He is a man without Home.

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Coauthor (two authors, es. narrator and biographer)
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Autobiographical or biographical text
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Is one of the story created the group that I moderated yesterday in the “Linke” office.I think it well narrated the condition of refugees,and  it’s short and to the point

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