"Racism should stop"

"Racism should stop"
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Doros Polycarpou doros.p@kisa.org.cy Director of the organization
KISA. Cyprus
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A.G was repeatedly insulted and threatened by her neighbors because of her color. She filed a complaint to the police but no measures were taken to protect the victim, punish the perpetrators and to prevent similar racist attacks in the future. When she couldn't stay silent any longer, A.G reacted to their insults but the situation became even more difficult and complicated for her family. The video was produced in the framework of the European project “TOGETHER”. “TOGETHER” is a project aiming to improve LEAs and civil society abilities in making hate crimes visible among European society

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This video was produced in the frame of the Eupean Project TOGETHER! against hate crimes, coordinated by SOS Racismo Gipuzkoa. It is published in the project website www.togetherproject.eu and Youtube channel