The story of Naima

The story of Naima
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Edoardo Bazzaco Project Coordinator
SOS Racisme Catalunya
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Naima has been living in Barcelona for nineteen years. About two years ago, she moved to a new neighborhood, alone with her daughter. Since then, she began to suffer slanders promoted by a group of people, especially men attending a bar close to her home. The racist and sexist insults caused her serious psychological and social problems such as stress and depression. Moreover, verbal aggressions have directly affected her daughter, who is presenting behavioral changes at school. Naima says she was afraid of reporting such aggressions and still today she frequently lives embarrassing and frightful situations at the market or in shops. She describes the importance of reporting so that crimes like these can be punished.

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This video was produced in the frame of the Eupean Project TOGETHER! against hate crimes, coordinated by SOS Racismo Gipuzkoa. It is published in the project website and Youtube channel