The Vegetable Soup Gang - La banda del minestrone

The Vegetable Soup Gang - La banda del minestrone
Story's fragment: 

The vegetable soup gang is a very effective activity for improving social inclusion in the neighbourhood.
We are working in a multiucultural area of Rome called Torpignattara where our aim of improving and building a truly intercultural society is everyday facing the fears, or worst the racism and xenophobia of some citizens. 
When some groups or communities are organizing a festival or a party in the area, many italian inhabitants ask: "Is it for us or for the foreigners?" So it was very powerful when we could asnwer tem : "it is a festival for everybody, it is for the community ".
Asking for veggies to everyone, cutting and cooking them together in the streets was a very good way of making everybody feel protagonist. 

Pdf story: 

Women from different cultures and backgrounds gather together to learn songs from different countries and tradition, and in different languages too. 
One day in order to announce a big upcoming festival in the neighbourhood, they dressed up and go aroud the neighbourhood singing the songs and asking for vegetables in exachange. 
With the veggies coming from many kitchens of the inhabitants, the women from the gang will prepare a delicious soup for everyone. The vegetable soup will be served in the evening during the Festival. 

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