European Panel: “Europe’s migration crisis: proposal of the civil society”

The first event of the project Lampedusa Berlin has seen the realization of a work panel; the members of the partnering project associations participated, along with several others from civil society organizations in Sicily.

We have worked on three thematic areas:

  • The asylum crisis in Europe
  • Economic migrants and opportunities for their legal access
  • The cooperation with third-party countries

The panel has been conducted through the Open Narrating Space methodology, which allows the participants to freely move from one group to the other, contributing with experiences and proposals.

For each of these thematic issues, we have enlightened problems and possible solutions. You may read here the project’s final report.

Here following one example of the panel results...

b) Economic migrants and new policy in legal migration

The new European Agenda on migration also intends to develop a new policy on legal migration. Indeed, a large number of migrants coming to Europe to improve their social and economic conditions, soon become illegal because are not entitled to apply for asylum nor for a regular visa. This problem is directly linked to the phenomenon of the exploitation of migrant workers especially those undocumented, often working as slaves within the black labour. The civil society has the right and the duty to make proposals on this subject:

  • What measures can be taken by the European Union to guarantee legal access of migrants for economic and social reasons? Are there any good practices? How to improve the system of working and study visa?
  • How to prevent clandestinity? How to make vulnerable migrants visible and legalize the high number of illegal migrants who are already living in the EU?

1. Problems

• It is really important that there should be found ways to convince the majority of people in a society of the possibility and necessity of economic migration. The idea of “emergency” in the arrival according to the rate of population and the strength of the economies in the EU is not effective and the whole conception of immigration and refugee issues has to be changed.
• European Union rules about migration need to be improved. Lock of frontiers through the block of regular entries quotes increase the number of irregular migrants. Seasonal income fux of workers – economical migrants - are inadequate.

2. Proposals

• There have to be Open spaces at work, at school, at the University etc for migrants to experience participation, diversity and interaction on first hand. This way they can easier adapt to their new environment, feel included and participative and at the same time they have the opportunity to really interact with the local community co-forming its social, economical, cultural and political future.
• Regularize people in an irregular situation. Spain has done so in various situations and times, for hundreds of thousands of people, and not only has not caused problems but has provided solutions.
• Enhance the application of a new directive that will facilitate the entry of workers – economical migrants.