The Project


"Project “ Berlin – Lampedusa. Travel Journal, Europe for Citizens Programme, Strand 2 Measure 2.3 'Civil Society Projects'.

The central idea of this project is based on a reflection about the recent European history. From the Berlin Wall fall, to the eastward enlargement of the European Union and the migration from the Mediterranean countries.

The Berlin Wall fall, on November 9, 1989, symbolized also the fall of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe countries, changing completely the path of European history.

The end of the bipolarity between East and West initiated a process of unification that influenced the entire Continent.

Europe is now struggling with an migratory phenomenon of epochal dimensions. A very difficult situation, at political and social level.

The clichés, stereotypes, and the lack of knowledge about the causes of this historical and social phenomena, are one of the issue that are influencing the process of European integration and solidarity. Worrying the emergence of xenophobic movements capable of influencing policy.

Seems to re-emerge, albeit in other forms, the specter of a new "iron curtain".

Many have died in the past to overcome a wall, to fight for their rights, and many are still dying today across the Mediterranean sea, to achieve freedom and a life expectancy of more dignified.

Lampedusa and Berlin are, here, two places symbolic of this challenge to the vision of an Europe of integration, human rights and solidarity.

The project invites citizens, to the symbolic journey between the two places full of history.

Some of the questions that we are going to explore, along with people of all ages, migrants and representatives of civil society, are:

- How to develop better migration policies in Europe?

- How to put a barrier to the spread of xenophobic and racist attitudes and visions?

- How to develop intercultural dialogue in Europe?

- How to develop the participation of immigrants in civic societies of the European countries that host them?

- What suggestions, proposals and examples may be brought to the attention of the representatives of the European institutions?


The project has three important goals:

  1. Developing reflections and proposals from the civic society about the migratory policies in Europe.
  2. Sensitizing the civic society with activities and instruments of dissemination, including the European contest “Dialogues across Europe”, with the purpose of collecting experiences about intercultural dialogue in the Europe.
  3. Lobby’s activities towards politicians

START DATE: 10/03/2016 END DATE: 03/30/2018